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Freeman-Christopher Designs is committed to our green design initiative. The green design initiative focuses on sustainable design, allowing us the designer, to reduce the negative environmental impacts of design. More than ever, green design means being responsible, working with quality materials, and being knowledgeable about the latest developments in green products and processes. By procuring structural and aesthetically sustainable products, our designs protect the beauty of nature and its irreplaceable limited natural resources.


A number of considerations are made by Freeman-Christopher Designs, including lowering operating costs and increasing final design longevity. Freeman-Christopher Designs understands how to help our clients select green materials, such as tile, paint, countertops and furniture, that will be easy on the



environment, durable, and enhance the beauty of their living spaces.


In so doing, the final design results in a conscientious form, not only designed with the occupants needs and visions in mind, but with considerations of the natural surrounding environments in which the design resides. Our goal at Freeman-Christopher Designs is to help our clients balance their homes’ overall environmental friendliness and efficiency with visually pleasing designs – creating healthy, functional spaces is our specialty!



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