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Design & Drafting Process

The Design Process

At Freeman-Christopher Designs each of our projects, begins with what is commonly referred to as the "Design Process".  To most the design process can be quite overwhelming, however we are specialized in making the journey much more simple.

Understanding that every project is different and unique, and offers its own challenges. Less not forget, challenges are what we at Freeman-Christopher Designs love! After all, our business strives on bringing the design together for you, and ultimately creating your vision.

The 5 Step Process consists of:

  • The Consultation

  • Programming the Design

  • The Specifications

  • Drafting the Plans

  • The Design Reveal


Are you ready for a design journey? Great, Let's get started. Contact Us Today!

The Consultation

There are a number of factors that we will discuss with you, in order to begin the journey.

First we will define your design problem and begin brainstorming ideas, so that we can solve and overcome your dilemmas. During this time, we will create sketches, take photographs, and gather any pertinent information, so that during our programming we can best meet or exceed your expectations.

Programming the Design

Once our team has gathered your information, we will begin our process of programming. During this stage of the design process, we will utilize your preliminary ideas, and form solutions. It is during this time that we will request any ideas that you may gather.

These "ideas" may be from magazines, websites, or even from those that know you best; your family and friends.

We than take all of the various concepts and options and develop your unique design solution. It is during this stage that we will create floor plans, elevations, presentations and if requested, 3-D renderings and/or animations. Yes, you can visualize and experience your design!

The Specifications

After we have an approved design track, that both reflects your expectations and meets our design standards, we begin specifying the materials and finishes that will bring your design together. Moreover, to begin creating the atmosphere desired and a space or design elemnt that reflects you, the user.

Drafting the Plans

Drafting the Plans

If your design request requires drafting, then we can do it! At Freeman-Christopher Designs, we enjoy fun-time, and there is no better time to get all of that design energy onto paper.

The Design Reveal

Once all the above phases of design have been completed, the final design reveal is presented to the client.

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