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Staging & Space Planing

Our Mission in Space Planning & Staging

At Freeman-Christopher Design, our mission in space planning and staging is to slightly modify and enhance your existing surroundings. Such projects usually require only several days as opposed to days or months.

The process of space planning and staging utilizes our following stages:

  • The Consultation

  • The Design Reveal


Spactial staging is exactly just that. During Freeman-Christopher Designs room space staging, we begin by inspecting your existing décor and accessories.

Once a design concept or theme has been established, we go to work using your critiqued items, and any additional purchased items to create your design oasis. Ultimately creating a space that evokes positive emotion and that is a reflection of you.

A few staging tips:

  • Arrange accessories in odd groupings, such as 3, 5, or 7

  • Use color. Colorful accents such as throw pillows can dramatically improve any space.

  • Use plants. The use of plants aids in indoor air quality and give a sense of "lfie" to any indoor space.

  • Using mirrors helps to reflect light and give dimension to rooms.

    If you’re looking for staging for resale, then Freeman-Christopher Designs can also point you in the right direction. Call Us Today for Details!

Space Planing

Space planning is the ability to maximize an area for its functionality.  This challenge involves the organization of furniture and other  client belongings to effectively meet their design style while maintain the areas full purpose.

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