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Architectural Drafting

Our Mission in Design & Drafting

At Freeman-Christopher Design, our mission in architectural drafting is  to meet or exceed our client's expectations. We offer services in creating demolition plans, floor plans, electrical plans, cabinetry plans, custom furniture plans, and elevations.

  • New Construction Drafting

  • Renovation Drawings

  • As-Built Drawings

  • Small Commercial Drafting

  • Custom Cabinetry & Furnishings Drafting

Design Printing


As a sustainable driven company, we deliver all plans digitally. The digital drafting plans may be viewed with the Adobe Reader application. We can also provide them as an image file as some clients have requested for the ease of viewing.


When requested, we do have the ability to provide easily viewed, travel size 11x17 or the standard 24x36 paper sizes. Once plans have been approved, they are submitted to a professional printing service, that is conveniently located near the client.

Freeman-Christopher Designs values our quality; therefore, we ensure that all digital files are free of any errors that may impose poor printing outcomes. Therefore, we are not responsible for drafting sheets that are not easily legible or distorted when printed.


All preliminary designs will impose a Freeman-Christopher Designs, copyright mark. This will be removed once all requested plans are complete  and financial responsibilties have been cleared.

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